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Twitter asks all staff to work from home to slow spread of coronavirus


Twitter Inc.has asked all of its employees to work from home in order to slow the spread of coronavirus. In a blog statement today, the company wrote

Beginning today, we are strongly encouraging all employees globally to work from home if they’re able. Our goal is to lower the probability of the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus for us – and the world around us. We are operating out of an abundance of caution and the utmost dedication to keeping our Tweeps healthy.

Twitter employees in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea will be required to work from home “due in part to government restrictions,” the company said. On Sunday, Twitter has also suspended all “non-critical” company travel and events, including CEO Jack Dorsey’s scheduled appearance at the South by Southwest conference in Texas.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has upgraded the global risk from the new coronavirus to “very high” as the infectious disease continues to spread and public health concerns rise. As of Monday, health officials reported more than 89,000 confirmed cases of the COVID-19 disease and over 3,000 deaths, including 6 in Washington state. The virus has been detected in more than 50 countries and the overall effect on global health is till unknown.

Tech events canceled.

Many global events have been suspended, postponed or downright canceled due to the virus precautions. Companies are also instituting travel restrictions for employees.

Below is a growing list of Tech conferences canceled, postponed, or going virtual by By Bill Detwiler of ZDNet


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