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Donuts and Famous Four to settle a contention set for .charity after DRSP Win


Donuts and Famous Four must now settle a contention set for .charity. It will be interesting to see if Famous Four is still interested in the string.This comes after a DSRP Panel denied a community objection against Donuts’ .charity top level domain name application.

This means that the Donuts is officially back in the running for the right to run the .charity top level domain name, clearing the way to finalize an operator for the string. You might recall that four years ago a panelist confirmed the Independent Objector’s (IO) community objection to Donuts’ .charity application. That same panelist denied the IO’s objection to Famous Four Media’s application because Famous Four submitted a Public Interest Commitment that said it would only let actual charities register .charity domain names.

Donuts challenged the decision and an Independent Review Panel (IRP) found in Donuts’ favor. That was a year ago, and then Donuts had to wait another year for a separate panel to finish rehearing the IO’s community objection. The panel has denied (pdf) the community objection.



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