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SecureX cloud platform launched by Cisco for improved security visibility


Cisco on Monday unveiled SecureX, a new cloud-native security platform that aims to give businesses better visibility across their security portfolio via analytics and workflow automation.

Cisco said SecureX will unify visibility into a company’s existing security products, including those from Cisco and third-party providers. The platform can analyze data across endpoints, cloud, network, and applications, allowing customers to identify threats and respond to threats more efficiently, Cisco said.

“SecureX builds on the foundational work we’ve been doing over the past 2.5 years, including Cisco Threat Response, common user experience, single sign on, secure data sharing between on-prem and the cloud and more,” said Jeff Reed, SVP of product for for Cisco’s Security Business. “But it does a whole lot more.”

Reed said SecureX offers full multi-domain orchestration and automation capabilities through a no/low-code approach and drag-and-drop interface. The platform’s orchestrator utilizes an adapter model and Cisco said it already had more than 50 adaptors for security, networking, IoT, cloud, collaboration, and data centers.

SecureX will be included with every Cisco Security product when it becomes generally available in June.

With RSA kicking off, enterprise vendors are rolling out security platforms. For instance, BlackBerry launched BlackBerry Spark, a security architecture and platform to secure various endpoints.



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