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DotConnectAfrica Contributes to ITU Changes and IGF BAKU


2012 is an interesting year especially in the Internet and telecommunications sector that hugely defines how organizations and individuals communicate. In this year alone, the world has seen 1930 applications for the new gTLD’s facilitated by ICANN , IPv6 has also been launched and is being implemented in several parts of the world with organizations like Europe announcing the near depletion of its IPv4 pool.

The world is also preparing for the ITU meeting scheduled for early next Month at Dubai. Quoting DotConnectAfrica’s latest press release, DotConnectAfrica as a concerned stakeholder in the ICT sector of the African continent submitted several recommendations to that effect. DCA’s contribution has been published at ITU’s Public Views and Opinions page.

DCA’s submissions on ITU’s ITRs looked at the various sections that need to be critically analyzed to take account of coming changes. These will include the current advancements to the Telecommunications sector including Mobile and Internet. With the major technological changes that have occurred, the world is looking at the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT-12) which runs from 3-14 December in Dubai.

At the Baku IGF 2012 meeting DotConnectAfrica reports participation in the various rich discussions that were a continuation of last years  Nairobi IGF. The Organization applying for the new gTLD DotAfrica however decried its exclusion from the African IGF citing  lack of proper announcement of the meeting  Saying It is to be noted that the African-IGF Agenda for Baku was not widely circulated ahead of time nor was there consultation on the Agenda so as to allow DCA to present its views or initiative. This is in contrast to the so called “AUC dotafrica” which was presented for participants for their comment and views.”  

The discussion is reported to have been dominated by discussion as led by Alice Munyua was to oppose to DCA application on the grounds of no government support at the GAC Early warning.” Says DotConnectAfrica who have promised to “express its concerns and opinion on this Agenda and discussions that took place in a separate commentary to the organizers of IGF Baku and the general public.


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