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Bangladesh loses its internet domain .bangla


Bangladesh has lost the rights of using dot bangla (.bangla) domain, the Internationalized Domain Name (IDM), as they failed the make it into effect in three years after obtaining the permission in 2012. This is according to Ashraful Islam

Will this be the eventuality of other government owned domains?

The list published by the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which gives international recognition for using domains have confirmed the matter. The ICANN issued two domains for Bangladesh which are-dot bangla (.bangla) and dot bd (.bd). However, the dot Bd (.bd) is still active.

The domains work as an international identity for a country in the internet world. As example, if someone enter to a website with the domain name dot US (.US) means the website is from the United States of America (USA). Dot bangla (.bangla) also such Bangladeshi domain recognized by Unicode.

According to the Wikipedia dot bangla (.bangla) is a second country code top-level domain (ccTLD). This domain is meant for web addresses in the Bengali language. It is administered by the Ministry of Post & Telecommunications of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Telecommunications Company Limited (BTCL) controls the use of the domain on behalf of the ministry.

The ministry officials refused to comment anything about the cancellation of the domain when asked. Meanwhile ministry sources said they are trying hard to regain the domain.

Sources said the Indian government along with Bangladesh applied for the dot bangla (.bangla) domain on behalf of the West Bengal government in 2012. The ICANN issued the domain to Bangladesh after verifying every aspect. Now the question raised that why the domain was not used after being provided three years ago. The technology and telecommunication experts showed anger and surprise over losing the domain.

Technology expert Mostafa Jabbar said, “Domain is our national identity over the internet. It is shameful for us to lose it. We have to identify the people for whom we lost it and give exemplary punishment to them.”

He also urged the government to take efforts to regain the domain and said we need to regain the domain back to keep our existence as an independent nation.

Senior policy fellow of Telecommunication research organization Learn Asia, Abu Sayeed Khan said, “The domain might have been easily used in the government websites. It is surprising that the government failed to use it in three years.”

You can find the list of the web domains at http://www. iana. org/domains



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