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WEF Africa Summit: Africa needs more investment on broadband footprint


WEF Africa Summit is took place the past week in Rwanda’s capital Kigali, under the theme: “Connecting Africa’s Resources Through Digital Transformation”. Improved broadband coverage, availability and access to energy are at the centre of Africa’s move towards the 4th Industrial revolution.

Broadband in Africa | Mark Graham | Global development

Electricity challenges are weighing on the continent’s outlook in the technology space and digital transformation, analysts have said.

“We have seen some leapfrogging but there has been a slowdown especially in Nigeria due to pricing, [the] gas situation and sabotage at the Niger Delta State due to insurgents,” Austin Okere, Executive Vice Chairman, Computer Warehouse Group told CNBC Africa.

Okere says there has been a decrease of power coming from the grid.  He adds that there is alternative power but the challenge was on inclusivity.
Okere said there was need to improve broadband coverage in Nigeria and the region at large.
According to reports, Nigeria has been struggling to grow its broadband penetration from six per cent in 2013, to eight per cent in 2014 and to 10 per cent in 2015.
Source: CNBC Africa


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