home Domains Uniforum’s Pass questioned African Union’s move; critisized for misleading ICANN

Uniforum’s Pass questioned African Union’s move; critisized for misleading ICANN


African Union Commission blamed for breaking the rules to support its preferred applicant against transparent procedures

Uniforum’s pass has come out as a controversial move based on the timing and announcements of the application status.

Uniforum evaluation dubbed at 307 has waited until DotConnectAfrica’s evaluation of 1005 to announce a “pass” by ICANN and DCA “incomplete and “unapproved”.
Questions everyone was asking at Durban was why the delay and how a “Pass”?  What happened to the Public comments of DCA?

From the records of ICANN priority, Uniforum comes at 307 while DotConnectAfrica comes as 1005. However DotConnectAfrica received its evaluation results way before Uniforum making any person wonder what was cutting. It bemuses the entire Africa to think that a priority number 1005 received results earlier than a number 307.  In a normal queue, 307 would have all its results before 1005 which is way ahead.


According to DotConnectAfrica, the Company bidding for .africa alongside the embattled Uniforum ZACR, DotConnectAfrica whose application was flagged as “incomplete” due to the fact that it did not go to the Geographic Review Panel, despite passing highly on all the other panels has asked for an accountability hearing with ICANN. more


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