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ICANN Conflicted Board Members reportedly made decisions on .africa


A report tying the recent ICANN New gTLD Committee Board decision on new gTLD’s that were given a consensus objection by GAC in a report released in Beijing during the ICANN 46th meeting.


The said board members have been linked to a previous tussle that accused them of conflict of interest. The report below adapted from DomainNewsafrica reads:


DotConnectAfrica has survived all objections so far including the Independent Objector which objects on Community grounds and Public Interest.   Mike Silber is one of Board directors who DCA has filed Conflict of Interest along with Chris Disspain relating to .africa while the initial letter did nothing and the consecutive one dismissed by ICANN Ombudsman as “Currently , they have not discussed dotafrica and I do not see any COI“, he hinted future possibilities saying “which the Board will carefully consider in terms of the existing policy about conflict, when the issue arises. I consider this should continue to be a matter for consideration in gTLD decision making by the Board.” said the Ombudsman’s report


Somehow DCA’s persistence has also created the awareness in which both Members of the ICANN BODs have updated their Statements Of Interests thereafter.    Now that day the ICANN ombudsman recommended has come and gone.


According to the guidebook: Anyone who has received a GAC advice has 21 days to respond by writing to the ICANN board and DCA has responded with its usual polemic of why it should not be objected and why its application should go on (DCA’s PR) .  So far I have not seen any report of Mike Silber and or Chris Disspain recuse themselves on .africa, however my sources tell me that Chris Disspain during the Beijing meeting was loud in telling the AU official (who was shouting to get his point across that AU has supported Uniforum and that they have 60 percent of the endorsement according to the guidebook), that ICANN would have to follow the rule book and so the evaluation must continue.

The committee has recommended that DotConnectAfrica pursues the remaining as follows:


“In accordance with the AGB the applicant may withdraw (pursuant to AGB § 1.5.1) or seek relief according to ICANN’s accountability mechanisms (see ICANN Bylaws, Articles IV and V) subject to the appropriate standing and procedural requirements.”

However the plot is yet to unfold as DotConnectAfrica have already complained about the ICANN Ombudsman to congress.



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