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More Indonesian traditional scripts to be registered as IDNs


Indonesia will pursue the addition of six other traditional scripts with the international domain management of Internet Corporation Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) after successfully registering the Hanacaraka Javanese script as an internet domain name (IDN).

The Internet Domain Name Management in Indonesia, or PANDI, is currently making preparations for the registration of Sundanese, Balinese, Bengkulu’s Rejangnese, Bataknese, as well as Buginese and Makassarese scripts.

“This follow-up action to register all Indonesian traditional scripts as Internationalized Domain Name (IDN) is part of cultural preservation in the digital world,” Yudho Giri Sucahyo, the PANDI chair, noted in a statement received on Friday.

The administration process for these six scripts will likely be easier since they have been added to the Unicode standard, Sucahyo added.

PANDI claimed that several communities keen on preserving traditional scripts have shown support, with the Sundanese and Balinese communities currently ready for collaboration. In the meantime, the organization awaits ICANN’s response to registration of the Javanese script.


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