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An open Internet in Africa: Challenges shifting beyond access


Three weeks ago, on 5 March 2013, I had the pleasure to participate in a session discussing about the importance of an open and multi-stakeholder Internet framework for freedom of expression and economic growth in Africa.

The session was organized by the United States Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, in partnership with the Internet Society. It was part of a larger program by the U.S. Mission – called the Internet Freedom Fellows Program – which brings together regional young leaders at the intersection of technology and human rights activism.
The panel discussion on Tuesday 5th March included fellows from Sudan, Nigeria and Ghana, as well as Prof. David Souter, Ms. Jillian York from EFF and myself. Many insights were shared regarding Africa’s relationship with the Internet and its governance; the diversity of situations and experiences among African countries in this regard provided a striking picture of the tremendous challenges and opportunities faced by the continent as its online presence grows. read

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