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9 of Top 10 Biggest New gTLD Registrants are Chinese


As analyzed by TheDomains: According to ntldstats.com there are 29,194,819 new gTLD’s registered, meaning that the top 10 largest new gTLD domain owners account for just over 11% of all new gTLD registrations.

The largest holder of new gTLD’s owns almost 2.5% of all new gTLD’s and the top 4 largest account for 7.24%.

In general almost 48% of all new gTLD’s are owned by people from China while 23% of owners use a privacy service.

Registrants from The United States owns 10.5% of all new gTLD’s

The next highest country in terms of owners of new gTLD’s is Germany but the percentage drops way down to just over 2%.



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