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“The Emperor’s New Clothes”: Uniforum does not have endorsement for its “.africa” Application



Its been exposed that Uniforum SA, the allegedly AU and African Government endorsed Competition to DotConnectAfrica for the .africa TLD,  does have the  claimed endorsement that they have been reporting on the news media quite widely.


Additionally Uniforum’s purported AU endorsements has also been in dispute for a long time now and subject to an objection by DotConnectAfrica, as the AU endorsement stated to Uniforum  to apply  “explicitly and unambiguously”  on behalf of the African community.   Uniforum thus did not apply as community which the competition therefore has alleged its application as fraudulent.


Uniforum may be going about its business telling everybody and more so the many anticipating .africa clients that they are through to the end “Thanks to the help of Governments“,  to which DotConnectAfrica wrote back a rejoinder, calling Uniform’s talk of confidence as  “living in  fool’s paradise” and “not so fast, Jack”.  The rejoinder also alluded that Uniforum has to go through a proper ICANN evaluation process    The confidence as some sources say is one hinged on empty hope that African Governments would endorse a private body labelled as a ‘Pan-African’ project.


DomainNewAfrica recent reports however shows a different reality “These letters gathered from the “reserve name” campaign by African Union, have then been translated as support and endorsement letters to Uniforum, this trend is likely to misconstrue inevident support against the thorough understanding by governments”.




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