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Internet Policies for Domainers to Consider in 2016


It can be difficult to keep up with the policies and legislation that impact your business as an Internet infrastructure provider or service provider, so we’ve asked the i2Coalition to give us a run-down of the top issues for hosting providers to be aware of as we enter 2016. i2Coalition breaks it down into 7 main issues, including backdoor encryption, the Trans Pacific Partnership and IANA transition. Here are the details.
ECPA Reform

Issues related to warrantless access to data have been core to the i2Coaliton’s policy strategy since the beginning. Reform of the outdated Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), enacted in 1986 is critical to that strategy. In 2015, we were successful in including a provision in the Omnibus budget restricting the IRS, SEC, FTC, GSA and OMB from using their funds to compel Internet infrastructure providers from disclosing information “in a manner that [would violate] the Fourth Amendment.”
In 2016 we will continue our strong support for reform of this woefully outdated law. The i2Coalition believes ECPA reform must establish consistent privacy protections across all platforms. This includes enacting a warrant requirement for government searches of emails and other electronic communications, as is required for access to traditional communications and assurances that traditional Fourth Amendment constitutional guarantees of due process are upheld. By changing our law to harmonize it across all communications platforms, the US will show the rest of the world that it is serious about protecting the privacy of global citizens who use our communications networks and increase consumer confidence in the Internet infrastructure industry, both in the United States and globally.  Read more


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