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ICANN CEO search attracts over 100 candidates


The ICANN CEO committee searching for a replacement for Fadi Chehadé has been active since it was chartered by the Board in June in Buenos Aires. Three vectors of competence have emerged as significant dimensions guiding the search: (1) managerial and operational competence; (2) ability to relate to and work with our community; and (3) representation in the international arena.

Community outreach and referrals, targeted advertising on the Internet, and advertisements in The Economist’s print edition and website have yielded well over 100 candidates. Of the candidates, 93% are male and 7% are female. They come from the following regions:

9% Africa
16% Asia
27% Europe
7% Latin America and the Caribbean
41% North America

With these statistics however one comment by Alexandrine Gauvin, CENTR Communications Manager  expresses concern that the list is quite narrow in balance. The commenter says

Why do we still need to make an effort to encourage female commitment to leadership positions? There are so many cultural and historical reasons trying to explain why there is still a low percentage of women in management positions. I won’t go into them as it usually opens a Pandora’s Box of debates, but one thing they all have in common is that they support the case for additional efforts needed to encourage women in leadership roles. Yes, it is a shame we still need to go the extra mile to find more female candidates, but the appalling results displayed by the ICANN CEO Search Committee, that didn’t make any particular effort in tackling this specific issue, clearly demonstrates the need for proactive work.

The committee has begun the interviewing process and will continue for the next couple of months. It is striving to come to a set of recommendations before the end of the year.

Source ICANN Blog


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