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First National Bank to move from a .Com to a .Bank


First National Bank plans to change its online domain name from a dot-com to a dot-bank.

The Hutchinson-based bank made the announcement this week about the switch, which will be done in phases beginning early next year.

“There are a couple of reasons behind this change,” said Kris Doswell, vice president of marketing for First National. “In this age of people spoofing websites and making them look like they’re something that they’re not, customers can be assured that if they see dot-bank in a URL … they are at a bank site. It’s also for security reasons.”

Once the change goes live, the bank’s domain name will shift from fnbhutch.com to fnbhutch.bank. In a statement Tuesday, First National Bank CEO Keith Hughes said the institution will be among the first banks in the nation to make the switch.

“All of our employee email addresses will change to dot-bank as well,” Doswell said. “We’re just now learning the impact of this big of a change. It’s one more level of assurance for our customers.”

In 2008, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, an entity responsible for the stability and unification of the Internet, approved a program to open up new domains, including dot-bank, according to a release from First National.



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