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Broadband the key to Africa’s growth


Information and communications technology (ICT) development would drive the predicted 5.4% gross domestic product (GDP) growth within sub-Saharan Africa, said telecommunications group Ericsson outgoing head of sub-Saharan Africa Lars Linden.

Sub-Saharan Africa had been labelled one of the strongest-growing regions globally, surpassing the 1.4% growth predicted for developed economies.

However, the region could only capitalise on the growth with the development of a proper ICT environment and greater connectivity.

“ICT is the business that enables all other business to do business,” he said, noting that no business would be able to efficiently operate without the technology.

Ericsson previously reported that a one percentage point in broadband penetration increased the number of new businesses registering by 3.8%, and for every 1 000 new connections, 80 new jobs were created. read


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