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BRCK, Vanu And Facebook Bring Free Mobile Internet Access to Rural Rwanda


Rwanda is one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT development and use, and in fact the country seeks to create an ICT infrastructure comparable to those in the developed world to tap into the opportunities the sector presents.

A robust ICT industry can thus create wealth, jobs and entrepreneurs. Therefore we applaud the government’s efforts to improve the sector and increase access so that Rwandans benefit from the several avenues for growth using ICTs.This is according to Dr Vanu Bose, the CEO of Vanu Inc.

Vanu company which looks to provide wireless coverage solutions for rural populations in Rwanda, recently teamed up with Facebook and BRCK to build their remarkable network to bring internet access to rural Africa. The system will run on an ingenious low-energy cellular network.

As Shapshak writes, the SupaBRCK a tough mini-server contained in a waterproof case that could function using solar power and batteries which never needed to be connected to the electricity grid. It is powered by a software platform called Moja, which BRCK created from scratch, to give it the flexibility to rapidly implement the changes the team have encountered during the rollout.

It was one of the tech start-ups visited by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last year when he visited Nairobi and praised African entrepreneurs: “The thing that is striking is the entrepreneurial energy. I think when you’re trying to build something, what matters the most is who wants it the most.”



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