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Brands face troll threat from .Sucks domain sale

Dotsucks Sucks. Is The New gTLD Fair Criticism Or Extortion?

Nearly 80% of UK brands are yet to purchase controversial domain names like .sucks, which became available to public on 21st June. The brands are said to be at risk of ruining their reputation as the new domain names can be purchased by anyone willing to pay for them, including online trolls.

Some of the names including Dove, Cadbury, Kitkat, and BBC .sucks domains are still available for sale.

Vodafone, ASDA, Barclays,and ASOS are some of the UK based companies that bought the controversial domain names before they were purchased by online tolls. ccording to domain name registrar 34SP.com, Vodafone, Barclays, Lloyds, and Nationwide have also registered different versions of their brand names to avoid any mishap.

US brands have been more cautious about the issue, and several celebrities including Taylor Swift and Spacey, as well as brands like Microsoft, have brought the controversial domain names, with the same expected from UK brands before the TLDs went public.

34SP.com co-founder Daniel Foster said: “It’s fairly obvious that brands should do everything in their power to avoid the vulnerability posed by the torment of online trolls – especially household names that might be more susceptible.
“We’ve been surprised by the low number of UK brands that have registered these domains, however.

“Although the term ‘sucks’ might not resonate with the UK audience, a lot of these brands are known internationally, so the domains really shouldn’t be ignored.

Source : cbronline.com


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