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Walmart’s latest PS5 preorders were gone in about a minute


The PS5 pre-order situation has so far been a bit of a mess, and Walmart’s fresh batch of consoles at 6PM PT / 9PM ET on Thursday night did nothing to change that. They were gone in about a minute.

I was able to get a Digital Edition in my cart, but I didn’t pull the trigger because I already secured a preorder yesterday. My editor said the Digital Editions were showing as out of stock for him about 10 seconds later, though, so who knows if I would have actually been able to make the purchase.

And we weren’t the only ones:

Hopefully, Walmart will stock preorders again sometime before the console’s November 12th release date. If you want a chance to snag one next go-round, be logged in and make sure your payment info and address are up to date in Walmart’s systems, as the seconds spent typing those in once preorders are live could make the difference between you securing your preorder or not. And as we saw tonight, it’s not unusual for a console to be snagged right out of your digital shopping cart.

Here’s our collection of links to other retailers stocking the PS5 — perhaps they’ll do a restock as well. And here’s Microsoft’s full, worldwide guidance on when Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S preorders will begin. Good luck on the hunt.


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