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The new domains – what’s taking so long?


by Tom // 7 . 11 . 2013 // Domain names, New gTLDs

Lot’s of people have asked me (well more than one) what’s happening with the new domains, what do all the phases mean, and when can I register one? All good questions, but until very recently it’s been rather difficult to give a straight answer.

And then last Friday http://نقطة-شبكة.امارات (Internet in Arabic) dropped in from nowhere and dashed off into the Sunrise application phase. But what is the Sunrise phase you say? Good question, we’ve made this graphic to explain more.

New gTLD Timeline

I hope that helped clear things up. Also, don’t be fooled by registrars offering to pre-register your domain name today. This timetable is the same for all registrars, and we’re all on an equal footing.

EuroDNS is committed to offering all the new domains (excluding closed registries like .apple) as and when they become available, and we’ll be opening our lists for pre-registration once solid dates and pricing becomes known. Until then the only way to guarantee getting your domain name is via Trademark Clearinghouse and the Sunrise phase.

Got any questions? Throw them into the comments below, and I’ll do my best to answer them. Source http://blog.eurodns.com


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