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Rwanda (.RW) Joins as Newest Member of the ccNSO


Rwanda Information Communication and Technology Association (RICTA), the ccTLD operator of .rw (Rwanda), is the newest ccNSO member. There are now 138 members of the ccNSO, Rwanda is located in Central Africa, east of Democratic Republic of the Congo. There are now 30 African country-code registry operators in the ccNSO membership.
The Council of the country code Names Supporting Organisation (ccNSO) approved Rwanda Information Communication and Technology Association (RICTA), the ccTLD operator of .rw (Rwanda), as a new ccNSO member.
The ccNSO, which is ICANN’s policy development body for ccTLD issues, now numbers 138 members, all of them country code Top Level Domain operators from around the world.
The current list of ccNSO Members is below

Member ccTLD Registry Region Profile
1 .ae United Arab Emirates AP Profile
2 .af Afghanistan AP Profile
3 .al Albania EU Profile
4 .am Armenia AP Profile
5 .ar Argentina LAC
6 .au Australia AP Profile
7 .az Azerbaijan AP Profile
8 .be Belgium EU Profile
9 .bf Burkina Faso AF
10 .bg Bulgaria EU
11 .bh Bahrain AP Profile
12 .bi Burundi AF
13 .bo Bolivia LAC Profile
14 .br Brazil LAC
15 .bz Belize LAC
16 .ca Canada NA Profile
17 .cc Cocos (Keeling) Islands AP Profile
18 .cd Congo, The Democratic Republic of the AF
19 .ci Côte d’Ivoire AF Profile
20 .cl Chile LAC Profile
21 .cm Cameroon AF
22 .cn China AP Profile
23 .co Colombia LAC
24 .cr Costa Rica LAC Profile
25 .cu Cuba LAC
26 .cv Cape Verde AF
27 .cw Curaçao EU
28 .cx Christmas Island AP
29 .cz Czech Republic EU Profile
30 .de Germany EU Profile
31 .do Dominican Republic LAC
32 .dz Algeria AF Profile
33 .ec Ecuador LAC
34 .eg Egypt AF Profile
35 .et Ethiopia AF
36 .eu European Union EU Profile
37 .fi Finland EU Profile
38 .fj Fiji AP Profile
39 .fm Micronesia, Federated States of AP
40 .fo Faroe Islands EU
41 .fr France EU Profile
42 .ga Gabon AF
43 .ge Georgia AP
44 .gg Guernsey EU
45 .gi Gibraltar EU Profile
46 .gp Guadeloupe EU Profile
47 .gr Greece EU
48 .gt Guatemala LAC Profile
49 .gy Guyana LAC
50 .hk Hong Kong AP Profile
51 .hn Honduras LAC
52 .hr Croatia EU Profile
53 .ht Haiti LAC
54 .iq Iraq AP
55 .il Israel AP Profile
56 .ir Iran AP
57 .is Iceland EU Profile
58 .it Italy EU Profile
59 .je Jersey EU
60 .jm Jamaica LAC
61 .jo Jordan AP Profile
62 .jp Japan AP Profile
63 .ke Kenya AF Profile
64 .km Comores AF
65 .kr Korea AP
66 .ky Cayman Islands EU
67 .lc Saint Lucia LAC Profile
68 .lt Lithuania EU Profile
69 .lu Luxembourg EU Profile
70 .lv Latvia EU Profile
71 .ly Libya AF
72 .ma Morocco AF Profile
73 .md Moldova EU
74 .mg Madagascar AF Profile
75 .mk Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic Of EU
76 .ml Mali AF Profile
77 .mn Mongolia AP Profile
78 .mr Mauritania AF
79 .ms Montserrat EU
80 .mv Maldives AP
81 .mw Malawi AF
82 .mx Mexico LAC Profile
83 .my Malaysia AP
84 .mz Mozambique AF
85 .na Namibia AF
86 .nc New Caledonia AP
87 .ng Nigeria AF Profile
88 .ni Nicaragua LAC
89 .nl Netherlands EU Profile
90 .no Norway EU Profile
91 .np Nepal AP Profile
92 .nr Nauru AP
93 .nu Niue AP Profile
94 .nz New Zealand AP Profile
95 .om Oman AP Profile
96 .pa Panama LAC Profile
97 .pe Peru LAC Profile
98 .pf French Polynesia AP
99 .pg Papua New Guinea AP
100 .ph Philippines AP
101 .pl Poland EU Profile
102 .pr Puerto Rico NA
103 .pt Portugal EU Profile
104 .ps Palestinian Territory, Occupied AP Profile
105 .pw Palau AP
106 .py Paraguay LAC
107 .rs Serbia EU Profile
108 .ru Russia EU Profile
109 .rw Rwanda AF
110 .sa Saudi Arabia AP
111 .sb Solomon Islands AP
112 .sd Sudan AF Profile
113 .se Sweden EU Profile
114 .sg Singapore AP Profile
115 .si Slovenia EU Profile
116 .sk Slovakia EU Profile
117 .sn Senegal AF Profile
118 .so Somalia AF
119 .sv El Salvador LAC
120 .sx Sint Maarten (Dutch part) EU
121 .tg Togo AF
122 .tl Timor-Leste AP
123 .tr Turkey AP Profile
124 .tt Trinidad and Tobago LAC Profile
125 .th Thailand AP
126 .tw Taiwan AP Profile
127 .tz Tanzania AF Profile
128 .ua Ukraine EU Profile
129 .ug Uganda AF
130 .uk United Kingdom EU Profile
131 .us United States NA Profile
132 .uy Uruguay LAC
133 .ve Venezuela LAC
134 .vi US Virgin Islands NA
135 .vu Vanuatu AP
136 .ws Samoa AP
137 .za South Africa AF Profile
138 .zm Zambia AF



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