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Rwanda: DotConnectAfrica Trust raises over a million USD for its commitment to transform Africa


It’s hard to see commitment to projects especially in emerging markets like Africa.

Africa has been long identified as a new frontier location for investors looking to put great  projects that mostly focus on ICT. More recently there has been an increase of the number of mega-proposals and plans to build smart cities. More than five smart cities are underway including the Kenya’s Konza City.

Mobile phone penetration in Africa is soaring and boosting economic growth rates. Banking systems are rapidly expanding services to serve the emerging middle class and the unbanked. Foreign investment and loans to the region also are exploding, and have risen almost fivefold since 2000 to over $55 billion.

“The good news is that Africa has had the highest growth in mobile use globally – twice the global average over the past three years.”, said Dr Hamadoun Toure, head of the International Telecommunication Union at the Connect Africa Summit in Rwanda. “”If you have just 1% of broadband access today you have 99% of opportunity.”

In 2007 Rwanda and the ITU hosted “Connect Africa” a conference that aimed to champion broadband connectivity. Since then, broadband connectivity has greatly increased and global ICT trends are now largely driven by innovation that is largely driven by Internet and mobile technology.

Ms. Sophia Bekele,  President of the DotConnectAfrica Trust speaking at the conference gave update on the journey of DCA’s current project .africa Domain, saying

” Our organization   has been very much a part of the International conference that was first launched as ConnectAfrica 2007, when we introduced this very important Pan African initiative, to provide Africa an online digital identity.  This is evident from the list of projects still hanging as part of the ITU commitment on the ConnectAfrica website. http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/connect/africa/2007/commitments/index.html. search “dotafrica”:  At the time we committed 100k USD and 6 years later, we have raised over 1million US dollars and campaigned all over Africa to create awareness and the benefit to all African peoples and organization. We have since been credited by the African people and the African and International Media for our excellent work, over & over again”.

Transform Africa 2013 whose predecessor is ConnectAfrica 2007 was a melting point of ideas that are cultivated at catalyzing Africa’s technology and economic growth. Several organizations that were present like IBM, Microsoft, and Google among others also showcased and presented.

Asserting her organization’s position in the summit, she said

“Our organization has pioneered this initiative and we want to register for the record that this Summit also acknowledges and registers our success. DCA is an African company that has met and exceeded its ConnectAfrica 2007 commitments and 6 years later is Transforming Africa through ICT.  We want the Summit to acknowledge our Success.”

Such commitments that are tangible from organization like DotConnectAfrica which have been lauded for their consistent campaigns for bridging Africa’s digital divide are critical resource for the continent. This is not only in committing colossal investments that amount to 1 million USD but also in driving consistent development programs that especially inspire youth and women to the growth of Africa, through their generation.africa and miss.africa programs, the company has said.


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