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Philips gTLD set for 2015 launch

Dutch technology company Philips plans to launch its .philips generic top-level domain (gTLD) in the first half of next year, TBO can reveal.

Ingrid Baele, vice president in the company’s IP and standards division, told TBO about the plan in a detailed article about the new gTLD. It will be published next week in our monthly PDF newsletter.

The Chinese-language equivalent of .philips is set to launch in parallel with the Latin script version, Baele said.

However, she added that the “real hard work” is still to come: “ensuring that .philips becomes a successful tool for online interaction with our customers, our partners and society at large”.

Baele will discuss in her article how Philips plans to do this.

Very few brands have so far launched their gTLD. Insurance company AXA is arguably the best known, although there is not much content yet on the .axa homepage.

Brand owners accounted for about 600 of nearly 2,000 new gTLD applications. Other .brand applicants include Google, Gucci and KPMG.

In a previous interview with TBO, Baele previewed the .philips gTLD, explaining why the company applied for it and the opportunities it offers the company. Source


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