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ICANN:Initial Evaluation Results Released for First Set of Applications


ICANN has on 22nd march 2013 released the first batch of the Initial Evaluation results, on their website the following was posted.

Today marks a major milestone in the New gTLD Program: Initial Evaluation (IE) results for the first set of new gTLD applications have been released to applicants and the general public.

This achievement is the result of many years of policy development and implementation work to bring diversity, competition, and innovation to the Domain Name System. Applicants, along with the greater ICANN community have dedicated countless hours toward reaching this goal. This is not only an important and exciting moment in the New gTLD Program but also in the continuing evolution of the Internet.

To view Initial Evaluation results for applications with priority numbers 1 through 30, go to the Current Application Status page of the new gTLD microsite. Results are posted under the IE Results column. Clicking on the result will take you to the Initial Evaluation report for that application. more


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