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DotConnectAfrica disagrees with the Objection Advice in response to ICANN GAC for its .Africa application


PRLog (Press Release)May 16, 2013DotConnectAfrica Trust (DCA Trust), the contending applicant that submitted an independent bid for the .Africa new generic Top-Level Domain name, recently submitted another fulsome response to the ICANN Board of Directors to defend the GAC Objection Advice that was issued against its .Africa new gTLD application by the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) body within ICANN.
It may be recalled that DCA Trust previously submitted a response to the GAC Early Warning in November 2012, and was therefore adequately prepared to articulate another detailed defense and response to the GAC Objection Advice that came out of the ICANN GAC Meeting in Beijing, China.
DCA Trust submitted its response to the GAC Advice within the mandatory 21-day window that any application that has received a GAC Policy Advice is given to respond as per new gTLD Program Guidebook stipulations. The response by DCA Trust was submitted ahead of the general deadline that expired on May 10, 2013.  DCA Trust will publish its response document for general circulation after its details are posted publicly by ICANN.
In its response to the ICANN Board, DCA Trust disagreed with the GAC Objection Advice,and noted that its .Africa new application has not received any other Formal Objection on the basis of the four (4) main objection criteria allowed under the new gTLD Program. During the Objection Filing period that expired on March 13, 2013, DCA successfully defended itself against the threat of Community Objection that was issued by the Independent Objector for the ICANN new gTLD Program. More


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