Top 5 domain name stories of September 2012

Patents, the Go Daddy outage, and the French. Here are the top five stories from Domain Name Wire last month, ranked based on page views. Go Daddy patents “announcing a domain name registration on a social website” – Go Daddy got a patent on a way to announce your latest domain name registration on a …

Nominet caught using Google Translate on Welsh gTLD site

Welsh internet users have accused Nominet of using Google to translate its .wales and .cymru gTLD sites into Welsh. According to a Welsh-speaking reader, the majority of the Welsh version Domain For Wales makes “no linguistic sense”. The site “looks like it has been initially translated using Google Translate, and amended by someone who isn’t …

Nominet proposes .uk Internet domain

Nominet has proposed plans to offer shorter Internet domain names with extra security features to UK-based companies. The proposal would allow businesses to register as their web address, and run it alongside their existing one. However, applicants would have to pay a higher charge and provide proof of their UK presence.Read more:

American Medical Colleges Files Comments In Objection To the New gTLD .Health, .Medical, .Hospital .Doctor, .Healthcare & More

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) “a nonprofit association representing all 138 accredited US and 17 accredited Canadian medical schools; nearly 400 major teaching hospitals and health systems; and 90 academic and scientific societies” filed an objection today with ICANN Read More