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Argentinian ccTLD .Ar will no longer be free starting March 5


According to the Buenosairesherald.com, .Ar domain names, which is the Country Code (ccTLD) for Argentina will go from being free to costing  “less than” 200 Argentina Pesos ($25.42 based on today’s official exchange rate) .

Starting on March 5 registering a .ar web domain will no longer be free, the national director of the internet domain registries Gabriel Brenta announced yesterday.

Brenta emphasized however that the cost to register a domain would likely be less than 200 pesos annually.

“What we are trying to do is adapt to current global practices, and on the other hand, establish procedures that if a business brand domain is being used, it can be recovered in the short term,” Brenta explained.

Yet the fee would not just apply to new domains but also to the three million users who already own .ar sites and who will now have to renew their registrations annually.

The change however should not come as a shock because “very few countries” throughout the world offer free hosting — and none in the region.

The director spoke via a video conference for journalists alongside Rodrigo de la Parra, the regional vice -president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) for Latin America and the Caribbean.

“Users have been asking to pay for domains for a long time,” Brenta said. “The community of designers and internet entrepreneurs had been requesting this modification.”

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