Early Warnings….of Corruption in ICANN’s GAC

The Czech Republic GAC representative also abused the Early Warnings process, using it to take sides in the contention over .GREEN. There are four applicants for .GREEN, and the Czech GAC representative declared that it liked one of the four applicants better than the others because it has a nice business plan that involves creating …

Aaron Swartz, Tech Prodigy and Internet Activist, Is Dead at 26

Aaron Swartz, the brilliant young software programmer and Internet activist who inspired awe and reverence from leading figures in the technology world, died in his Brooklyn apartment on Friday, his family said in a statement. New York City’s chief medical examiner ruledthe death a suicide by hanging. Swartz was 26 years old. Read more:

The smartphone as personal object finder

Speaking at a morning session at this year’s CES, a major consumer electronic event held from January 8-11 in Las Vegas, on the topic of the future of “connectivity,” Vint Cerf, known as “the father of the Internet,” outlined what could be in store in the near future for software-enabled clothes. read more